बिरामी बासुदेव मुनाल

कुनै बेला रेडियो नेपालबाट प्रशारण हुने बाल कार्यक्रमका सञ्चालक बासुदेव मुनाल बाल–बालिकाका प्यारा बासु दाइ हुनुहुन्छ । 'आओ मेरा प्यारा भाइबैनी हो, रेडियो नजिक आओ ।' रेडियो नेपालबाट साँझ साढे पाँच बजे दैनिक बज्ने बासुदेव मुनालको यो आह्वान अलि अघिको पुस्तालाई अझै ताजा सम्झना छ । 'भए पनि ठीकै, नभए

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वन्यजन्तु संरक्षण यसरी गरौँ

वन्य जन्तुको संरक्षाण यसरी गरौँ भन्छन् वन्य जन्तु विषेशज्ञ प्राध्यापक डा. मुकेश चालिसे

Engineering Education in Nepal

Prof. Pradeep Paudyal, himself an engineer and the Principal at ACME Engineering College in Kathmandu, speaks with Nepal Polity channel, about a wide range of issues concerning engineering education in Nepal. He covers the aspects, such as, quality, teaching faculty, physical infrastructure, demand-supply mechanism, skills, and so on

India challenged in Nepal’s politics

The India-guided so called 'political change' in domestic politics has landed this peaceful Himalayan nation into a hell: politically, socially, morally, economically, religiously, diplomatically, and in all aspects of a nation's life. Nepali politicians, working as puppets for India's interests, are now trapped into the growing conflicts of interests among

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Politics of Pre-emption?

By Maila Baje - Khadka is the last surviving leader who stepped out of that aircraft on that cold December day with B.P. Koirala seeking national reconciliation in 1976. To many ears, B.P. and Hindu statehood probably don’t seem to go together well. Yet could they be a winning combination

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Running In Circles Around Overlapping Spheres

By Maila Baje — When the Indians locked Nepal in that economic stranglehold in 1989-1990 for having bought anti-aircraft guns from China, lost in the story was the fact that Beijing had tempted us with lucrative prices. When the Panchayat system collapsed as a result, the Chinese joined the chorus

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Is It Adjournment Or Abandonment On The Right?

By Maila Baje — Where does the unification effort between the two factions of the right-of-center Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) stand today? RPP chairman Pashupati Shamsher Rana insists that the amalgamation announcement set for August 9 could not take place because of the parties’ failure to agree on ‘balance of

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Nepal Political Mess: It Hasn’t All Been Said Yet

By Maila Baje — However you slice it, the prevailing narrative about an Indian diplomatic triumph says more about the level of New Delhi’s thinking that about the geopolitical predilections of the man. An Indian kiss to the Maoist Centre and the Nepali Congress amid the tumultuous battle of perceptions

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Nepal Politics: Chinese checkers

By Yubaraj Ghimire — Political circles are debating “what will happen” to Nepal’s growing — and meaningful — proximity to China in proportion to its distance with India. Given China’s clear message that its president, Xi Jinping, will visit Nepal in a few months only if there is political stability

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Right? Wrong? It Depends

By Maila Baje — Didn’t Oli’s old party – the MaLe – send legislators to the partyless assembly with the express purpose of exposing the inequities of the palace-led Panchayat system? Didn’t Oli’s current party – the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist-Leninist – come out in critical support of the

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Nepal Politics: Spinning Our Heads In The Shadows

By Maila Baje — Granted, it took nine years for the secret letters the Ranas and the Nehru regime exchanged alongside the 1950 Treaty of Peace and Friendship to come to light. But at least they did. In today’s age of openness and transparency, we don’t know how Nepal really

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Nepal: Tale Of Twists, Turns And Tangles

By Maila Baje — Suddenly, the air has become thick with talk of the imperative of writing a new constitution. If the recent wave of Kathmandu-centric protests launched by Madhesi and ethnic parties does not bring that about, there is another clock ticking.

Revolutionary Communists: Your Guess Is As Good (Or Bad) As Mine

Maila Baje — Against the subdued backdrop of the 50th anniversary of the eruption of the Cultural Revolution up north, efforts at unifying our half a dozen groups still professing fealty to the Great Helmsman gained traction over the weekend. Paradoxically, however, the provisional steps toward unity came after the

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