कस्तो होला कोरोना सङ्कट पछिको विश्व सम्बन्ध ?


कस्तो होला कोरोना सङ्कट पछिको विश्व सम्बन्ध ?

राजनीति शास्त्री दीपक गजुरेलको प्रक्षेपण

It is yet too early to anticipate its effects on the geopolitics of the world, because nothing can be said at this stage with any degree of certainty as to what would be the future course of events. It is yet not known which part of the world it would hit too badly nor what would be the extent of the final damage.

1. The political and economic upheaval it has unleashed could last for generations. The world will never be the same again.

2. We cannot expect that a greater unity would be forged between the nations, as a result of the present pandemic.

3. Looking at the results of previous plagues and epidemics (Like the deadly influenza epidemic of 1918-19 causing death of 500 million people round the world) which could not fundamentally change the nature of world politics, some thinkers predict that present pandemic instead of bringing radical change will only change the trends and directions of world politics in a way never experienced before.

4. The pandemic will strengthen the state and reinforce nationalism. The Governments will be more prepared to meet emergencies of this kind. COVID-19 will also accelerate the shift in power from West to East.

5. There will be a move away from U.S.-centric globalization to a more China-centric globalization.

6. The U.S. by itself will not be able to protect its security by acting alone. The 21st century technologies will be used to meet the challenges due to growth of Pathogens, computer viruses, and radiation etc., forcing the world powers to prepare common contingency plans to cover their mutual risks.

7. In the face of such emergencies, international collaboration will be felt pathetically insufficient. If the United States and China, the emerging world’s most powerful countries, cannot put aside their differences, the impact of the virus will be far worse.


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