Running In Circles Around Overlapping Spheres

By Maila Baje — When the Indians locked Nepal in that economic stranglehold in 1989-1990 for having bought anti-aircraft guns from China, lost in the story was the fact that Beijing had tempted us with lucrative prices. When the Panchayat system collapsed as a result, the Chinese joined the chorus

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Nepal Politics: Spinning Our Heads In The Shadows

By Maila Baje — Granted, it took nine years for the secret letters the Ranas and the Nehru regime exchanged alongside the 1950 Treaty of Peace and Friendship to come to light. But at least they did. In today’s age of openness and transparency, we don’t know how Nepal really

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Nepal: Tale Of Twists, Turns And Tangles

By Maila Baje — Suddenly, the air has become thick with talk of the imperative of writing a new constitution. If the recent wave of Kathmandu-centric protests launched by Madhesi and ethnic parties does not bring that about, there is another clock ticking.

Nepal Politics: Oh Those Garish Alien Growls

We did try to tame the Tibetans. The Chinese just kept asking us for more, without stopping to ponder their own role in aggravating the situation. By Maila Baje Oh those pesky foreigners. Can’t they just shut up, for a change? It’s been hard enough to ward off snarkiness of

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The Karan-Saran Conundrum

By Maila Baje — For long, India profited from a diabolic game of playing on all sides and retaining enough plausible deniability to step in as the redeemer. It can no longer afford that luxury. Perhaps the promulgation of the new Constitution – complete with its infirmities and flaws –

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A Polity Owned by Puppets, Guided by Aliens

By Deepak Gajurel — A quarter of Nepalis accuse India of interfering in Nepal's internal affairs which Indians repeatedly deny. Nay, our southern good neighbor is not doing that! Rather Nepali politicians are to be blamed for dragging in foreign powers as their masters. A cursory review of the past

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Timely Course Correction or Boomerang

By Deepak Gajurel — In the absence of timely corrections, policy of 'controlled destabilization will boomerang, having devastating outcome, so will be the policy of 'non-interference.' Nepali politics took a full circle. Two adversaries used to fight to eliminate the other. With blessing and instructions from without, these rivals turned

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