A country ruined by politicians

Nepal Samacharpatra daily has reported that the Norwegian Embassy has spent around 40 million rupees to influence youth leaders in Nepal.

By PR Pradhan

Pushparaj PradhanWe have lost precious nine years in the name of writing a new constitution. Since the last nine years, everyday, we are witnessing different dramas staged by the political leaders. To be noted, everyday, the image of the political leaders has been declining in the eyes of the people. If we visit social networks, we find bombarding of bad words about the political leaders.

According to a BBC Nepali Service report prepared by Sanjaya Dhakal, about 50 billion rupees have been spent in conducting the first and second CA elections and other expenditure in the process of drafting of the constitution till date. Quoting the Election Commission and Constituent Assembly Secretariat sources, the report was prepared. Even after spending 50 billion rupees, the country has failed to receive one piece of constitution. 

The reporter has also said that if an amount of 50 billion rupees was invested in other sectors, how much achievement could be made. The BBC reporter has described that from that amount, 200 KMs road with six lanes could be constructed by connecting Kathmandu with Pokhara. 

If the amount was invested in hydropower, at least 250 MW capacity project could be operated.

If the amount was invested in health sector, 20 trauma centers similar like the trauma center built in Kathmandu could be constructed in different parts of the country.          

If the amount was invested in purchasing aircrafts, seven aircrafts could be purchased similar like the Airbus-320 with the capacity of carrying 160 passengers, which Nepal Airlines Corporation is purchasing.

But we have already lost above 50 billion rupees, still we have not been able to get a constitution. It is alike feeding a white elephant. The Constituent Assembly was not the agenda of the Nepali people, rather, it was an agenda of the foreigners who wanted to destabilize Nepal.

Now, the UCPNM leaders have also started to feel that they had chosen a wrong path. The UCPNM leaders have realized that it was wrong to give communal slogan but they have reached a point from where they are unable to return. Now, by joining hands with communal forces, the UCPNM has committed another mistake. The UCPNM made a blunder when it joined hands with the Madheshi Front, the force which is demanding a separate Madhesh pradesh. Due to lack of visionary leadership, and rampant foreign interference, our leaders have become foreign puppets. Today,Nepal has become a playground of foreign powers, say, West vs South. What is the north doing, we are yet to know.

At a time when there is political chaos, why the former prime minister of Belgium visited Nepal, a political analyst has expressed his concern. According to his analysis, Belgium is a country campaigning for Christianity and secularism and backing ethno-based federalism in Nepal. Switzerland, Norway, Denmarkare the other countries playing their role to destabilize Nepal.

Belgium is the very country, which had sparked communal war in several African countries, he remarked.

Meanwhile, Nepal Samacharpatra daily has reported that the Norwegian Embassy has spent around 40 million rupees to influence youth leaders in Nepal.

The Daily has stated that as the Nepali political leaders feel happy in enjoying such hefty amounts of foreign money, they are reluctant in writing the constitution in time.

If we have the leaders having such a mentality, what will be the fate of the country that everybody can imagine!

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One thought on “A country ruined by politicians

  1. Yes! once again our country shows the world that ours is a buffer state and we allow our giant neighbors to play with our dignity.

    Why should we need to analysis the data of BBC about West? Its clearly known by the Nagrik of Nepal that half of the Political Parties influence and puppets in the hand of India and other half by China.

    I personally think that more than 600 representative in Parliament for the poor country like us one of the most foolish act ever done. It should be below 200 and if possible further more less.

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