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China’s Triangle Diplomacy

By Mel Gurtov — Back in the days of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, the “strategic triangle” with the Soviet Union and China was the great game. The idea was to play off the two communist powers against one another, relying on their ideological warfare under Mao, deep cultural differences, and open conflict in border regions to sustain their mutual suspicions and fears of attack. Now the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak: China seems to be in charge of the game, using US-Russia enmity and its own on-again, off-again competition with the US to keep both those countries cooperative with and in need of Beijing.

Con, Sense And Us

By Maila Baje — Pity our leaders. They got what they wanted without really wanting it. They play-acted their way toward opening that Pandora’s Box fully realizing what lay within. Today, they are ready to acknowledge failure, but only after devising a formula that equitably apportions responsibility.

दल र नेताका जमानी बस्नेहरु अहिले कहाँ छन्?

स्वयम्भुनाथ कार्की — जनताले त नेताहरुलाई पत्याएकै थिएनन्। नेताहरुले विगतको आफ्नो लुब्धो बानी बेहोरा छोड्ने बाचा गरेको कुरा पनि सुनाइयो। तैपनि जनताले सजिलै भरोसा गरेनन्। यसका निमित्त नागरिक समाज लगायतकाहरु जनतासँग जमानी बसेका हुन्। आन्दोलनमा होम्दा जनतालाई समय लाग्छ भनिएको थियो र? परिस्थिति चमत्कारिक तरिकाले छिट्टै राम्रो हुँदै जाने सपना देखाइएको थियो।