Rattled by Chinese submarines, India joins other nations in rebuilding fleet

By Sanjeev Miglani and Tommy Wilkes (Reuters) - India is speeding up a navy modernisation programme and leaning on its neighbours to curb Chinese submarine...

Nepal – China Joint Statement

Nepal – China Joint Statement, Beijing, June 23, 2018

India Playing Hindu King Card!

The fact is that this left Coalition has some Indian brains with Nepali souls. Nepal’s former King Gyanendra Shah has conceivably set the ball rolling. Indications to...

जनजातिको दुर्दशाका कारण : वेलायतको शोषण

जनजातिको आजको दुर्दशा बेलायती शोषणको परिणाम हो । प्रा. डा. युवराज सङ्ग्रौला एउटा साह्रै धेरै शोषणको विवरण तपाइँहरु समक्ष राखौं : गुर्खा बृगेडको । १. अहिले सम्म...

China is Muscling India out of the Maldives

By Robert Beckhusen —If the Maldives kicking out the Indian helicopters are any indication, Chinese influence has grown since — if at least in relative terms as India’s presence deteriorates. This fits within China’s larger economic designs in the Indian Ocean, the informally-named “string of pearls” of ports, airports and economic investment stretching from the South China Sea to Pakistan.

China and India in Nepal, Geostrategically

By Maila Baje — Even if China and India have decided to split the difference in Nepal in order to manage their wider rivalry, are the Europeans and the Americans just going to abandon the field? Sure, there is some talk going on in some Indian circles about flashing the ‘Taiwan card’ at China.

भारतले नेपालमा खोजेको के हो ?


China’s push for SAARC membership: Anxiety for India

By Deepak Gajurel The 'Sleeping Tiger' seems awaken, at least in the context of Beijing's relations with South Asian nations. Chinese push for elevation from Observer's...

Xi-Modi Summit : Up Next is Nepal!

By Maila Baje — Xi: It’s more than ‘here and there’, from what I hear. Across the board, they feel India can’t stand the fact that they are independent. The king, political parties, even the communists, come running to us whenever they’re in trouble. We mediate, they get their throne/chairs back and what’s the next thing everyone does? Indians this, Indians that. We aren’t fools. We recognized that China had arrived in South Asia long before 2005. But look here, after the fall of the monarchy, we didn’t have a reliable partner. Everyone was either educated or exiled – often both – in India.

A Zero-Sum Game in South Asia

India needs to change its approach towards Chinese participation in SAARC and South Asia. By Bhoj Raj Poudel & Kawsu Walter Ceesay Indian Prime Minister Narendra...