The Camouflaged Indian Agenda

By Maila Baje — The fate of the new beginning independent India sought with the democratic government of 1951, the elected government of B.P. Koirala in 1959 and the interim governments of 1990 and 2006 need not be rehashed here. The Indians need to get over the fact that Kathmandu managed to remain outside the Indian Union in 1947 when Kerala was in.

Nepal: A hotspot of great power rivalry

A book review of ‘Strategic Himalayas: Republican Nepal and External Powers’ authored by Dr. Nihar Nayak Reviewed by Deepak Gajurel, Political Scientist, Tribhuvan University, Nepal The International power equation...

अराजक राजनीतिका कुरूप द्विविधा

युवराज घिमिरे – – मोदीको नेपालप्रति जति सदासयता भएपनि उनको सरकारी संयन्त्र श्‍याम शरणकै नीति कार्यान्‍वयन गर्न समर्पित छ गोप्‍य रुपमा। पहाड नघुसेको अथवा पहाडविरोधी अनि पूर्ण तराईसहितको संघीयताकै पक्षमा श्‍याम शरण नीतिसँग जोडिएको व्‍यक्ति र शक्तिहरुको 'लविङ' जारी छ संघीयताका नाममा अहिले पनि।

China and India in Doklam: This can have catastrophic consequences for India

By Prakash Katoch _ Merely making brave statements that we have good relations with China and resolution is possible through talks can have catastrophic consequences for India. China is likely to embarrass India while its attention is focused on the general elections in May next year. This could also be used to undermine the growing India-US partnership.

Understanding China

By K G Suresh — While strategists view the growing Chinese proximity as indicative of its attempts to woo India away from its rivals, the fact also remains that it is essential for India to have a true understanding of China, one of the most influential powers in the world

Why is China building second railway in Tibet?

By Ashfaqur Rahman It is curious that China, which built a multibillion dollar railway line from the province of Qinghai to Lhasa, the capital of...

SAARC is not prepared for new security threats

By Madhukar SJB Rana — The SAARC Charter lays down eight sets of objectives. One of them is “to contribute to mutual trust, understanding and appreciation of one another’s problems.”

भारतले नेपालमा खोजेको के हो ?

मोदीको बढ्दो शक्ति र नेपाल

नेपालको संविधानमा ‘धर्म निरपेक्षता’ कसरी घुसाईएको हो, त्यसको समग्र ज्ञान प्रचण्ड र ओलीलाई छ, त्यसका मुख्य ‘कर्मकाण्डी’ सुवास नेम्वाङलाई सोधेमा सबै थाहा हुन्छ। त्यस्तै...

What India Wants in Nepal?

By Deepak Gajurel