Between China and India: Nepal in a volatile region

By Gopal Thapa Our foreign policy vis-à-vis China and India must be informed by the exigencies of strategic realities The man who ‘unified’ modern Nepal, Prithvi...

The Karan-Saran Conundrum

By Maila Baje — For long, India profited from a diabolic game of playing on all sides and retaining enough plausible deniability to step in as the redeemer. It can no longer afford that luxury.

Crisis in Nepal and Indian Motives

By Yubaraj Ghimire, Shubhajit Roy — Adding to the confusion in Kathmandu, Vice President Parmananda Jha issued a statement in which he accused the state of discriminating against Madhesis.

India-China Border Standoff: High in the Mountains, Thousands of Troops Go Toe-to-Toe

Biggest Border Clashes in Decades a Sign of Growing Friction Between World’s Most-Populous Countries By Gordon Fairclough KORZOK, India—It was dusk when the herdsmen reached their Himalayan...

India Playing Hindu King Card!

The fact is that this left Coalition has some Indian brains with Nepali souls. Nepal’s former King Gyanendra Shah has conceivably set the ball rolling. Indications to...

Xi-Modi Summit : Up Next is Nepal!

By Maila Baje — Xi: It’s more than ‘here and there’, from what I hear. Across the board, they feel India can’t stand the fact that they are independent. The king, political parties, even the communists, come running to us whenever they’re in trouble. We mediate, they get their throne/chairs back and what’s the next thing everyone does? Indians this, Indians that. We aren’t fools. We recognized that China had arrived in South Asia long before 2005. But look here, after the fall of the monarchy, we didn’t have a reliable partner. Everyone was either educated or exiled – often both – in India.

China-Russia Axis: Should America Worry?

By Dina Gusovsky As Russia and China continue to forge trade pacts, including the huge $456 billion gas deal with Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom...

Sino-Indian Strategic Dialogue on Nepal

China has exponentially expanded its role and influence under our republican dispensation. But has Beijing really crossed any red lines New Delhi may have...

Afghan End Game: Chinese Security Imperative and Implications for India

By Joy Mitra The Uyghur Predicament in Xinjiang Of all the major non-Han ethnic groups including Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks and Tajiks, the Uyghurs in Xinjiang...

Really, Is This For Real?

By Maila Baje - While the Indian media has been jumping around that New Delhi’s policies have pushed Kathmandu into Beijing’s arms, official India seems remarkably unperturbed. That a political establishment that until the other day was thanking India for forging the mainstream-