Nepal Politics: Oh Those Garish Alien Growls

We did try to tame the Tibetans. The Chinese just kept asking us for more, without stopping to ponder their own role in aggravating...

Politics of Pre-emption?

By Maila Baje - Khadka is the last surviving leader who stepped out of that aircraft on that cold December day with B.P. Koirala seeking national reconciliation in 1976. To many ears, B.P. and Hindu statehood probably don’t seem to go together well. Yet could they be a winning combination for Khadka – and one that his rivals desperately want to pre-empt?

SAARC is not prepared for new security threats

By Madhukar SJB Rana — The SAARC Charter lays down eight sets of objectives. One of them is “to contribute to mutual trust, understanding and appreciation of one another’s problems.”

KP Oli and His Geostrategy

By Maila Baje ¬_ To cut a long story short, where’s the evidence that Oli won’t be a changed man this time around as far as his geostrategic orientation goes? Dahal’s 180-degree flip was softened to an extent by the distance between his two premierships. The relative closeness of Oli’s tenures will perhaps make any such somersault more extraordinary, but it will certainly be no less explicable.

भारतले नेपालमा खोजेको के हो ?

What India Wants in Nepal? Inform the Nation

By Deepak Gajurel — What India wants in Nepal? Where is 'LOKTANTRA' heading? Who engulfed this nation into this mess? The solution !!! Political Scientist Deepak Gajurel analyses in Sagarmatha Television.

Nepali Maoists Protégé: Int’l Community

By Maila Baje — All in all, within his first 100 days in office, Dahal had met with the leaders of China, India and the United States, the three principal drivers of the country’s destiny.

India-Pakistan Relations: A Destructive Equilibrium

By Jordan Olmstead — The seven-decade rivalry between India and Pakistan is often portrayed as intractable – with good reason. The countries were birthed out of a bloody partition that encouraged each to define itself in opposition to the other, and they have fought four wars since.

नरेन्द्र मोदीको नेपाल प्रति बक्रदृष्टि

शम्भुराम जोशी — भूकम्पको पीडाले थलिएको छिमेकी प्रति मोदीको त्यो व्यवहारलाई किन अमानवीय कदम नभन्ने ? नाकाबन्दीका कारण नेपालको अर्थव्यवस्था चरमरायो र रु. २२० अर्व भन्दा बढीको नोक्सानी मात्रै भएन कि गरिबी पनि बढ्यो । नेपाल सार्वभौमसत्ता सम्पन्न भएकाले यो जोसँग पनि आफ्ना ढंगले सम्वन्ध राख्न सक्दछ भन्ने उनीहरूले बुझ्नुपर्छ । पोखरामा बेलुनमा कालो झन्डा उडाएर केही समय अगाडि नेपालमा आएका भारतका तत्कालीन राष्ट्रपति प्रणव मुखर्जीलाई देखाइएको धेरै भएको छैन ।

India to Buy $40 Billion Military Hardware

India to make Rs 240,000 crore ($40 billion) of new defense purchases that India’s armed forces urgently need. By Devjyot Ghoshal & Shelly Walia A mustasched metallurgical...