China and India in Doklam: This can have catastrophic consequences for India

By Prakash Katoch _ Merely making brave statements that we have good relations with China and resolution is possible through talks can have catastrophic consequences for India. China is likely to embarrass India while its attention is focused on the general elections in May next year. This could also be

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बेवास्ता गरिएको राष्ट्रिय सुरक्षा

दामोदर कोइराला — राष्ट्रिय सुरक्षा जस्तो सम्वेदनशील विषयलाई महत्वहीन तरिकाले, जहिले पनि संक्रमणकाल जस्तो गरी व्यवहार गरियो । धेरै वर्ष यस्तै भद्रगोल रहे पछि २०६३ सालमा बल्ल राष्ट्रिय सुरक्षा नीति बनाउने प्रयास गरियो । तर त्यो प्रयास सफल भएन । मुलुकले राष्ट्रिय सुरक्षा सम्बन्धी कुनै नीति पाउन सकेन । फेरि

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KP Oli and His Geostrategy

By Maila Baje ¬_ To cut a long story short, where’s the evidence that Oli won’t be a changed man this time around as far as his geostrategic orientation goes? Dahal’s 180-degree flip was softened to an extent by the distance between his two premierships. The relative closeness of Oli’s

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Politics of Pre-emption?

By Maila Baje - Khadka is the last surviving leader who stepped out of that aircraft on that cold December day with B.P. Koirala seeking national reconciliation in 1976. To many ears, B.P. and Hindu statehood probably don’t seem to go together well. Yet could they be a winning combination

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Nepal Political Mess: It Hasn’t All Been Said Yet

By Maila Baje — However you slice it, the prevailing narrative about an Indian diplomatic triumph says more about the level of New Delhi’s thinking that about the geopolitical predilections of the man. An Indian kiss to the Maoist Centre and the Nepali Congress amid the tumultuous battle of perceptions

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Nepal: Tale Of Twists, Turns And Tangles

By Maila Baje — Suddenly, the air has become thick with talk of the imperative of writing a new constitution. If the recent wave of Kathmandu-centric protests launched by Madhesi and ethnic parties does not bring that about, there is another clock ticking.

Nepal Politics: Oh Those Garish Alien Growls

We did try to tame the Tibetans. The Chinese just kept asking us for more, without stopping to ponder their own role in aggravating the situation. By Maila Baje Oh those pesky foreigners. Can’t they just shut up, for a change? It’s been hard enough to ward off snarkiness of

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