अब दलहरूले के गर्लान् ?

अब दलहरूले के गर्लान् – प्राध्यापक दीपक गजुरेल चुनाव सकियो । एमाले र माओवादीको गठबन्धनले झण्डै दुई तिहाइ बहुमत ल्याए । अब वास्तबमा के गर्लान् ? के गर्न सक्लान् यिनीहरूले ? उज्यालो ९० एफ एममा गरिएको विश्लेषण

Indigenous Peace Discourse in Nepal

By Dev Raj Dahal Recent adoption of binary code of politics, economy and laws in Nepal are rooted less in the wisdom of society than ideology and policies that sapped the ability of people to acquire fullness of life. A stable peace excites, not interest but value-based social order as

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Nepal New Constitution is a Failure

Nepal’s main political actors must admit that the new constitution is a failure. What next? Nepal can either continue to be governed by a failed constitution, with the rulers using it the way they want. Or the leaders of three parties can give up on their egos and chart out

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बिरामी बासुदेव मुनाल

कुनै बेला रेडियो नेपालबाट प्रशारण हुने बाल कार्यक्रमका सञ्चालक बासुदेव मुनाल बाल–बालिकाका प्यारा बासु दाइ हुनुहुन्छ । 'आओ मेरा प्यारा भाइबैनी हो, रेडियो नजिक आओ ।' रेडियो नेपालबाट साँझ साढे पाँच बजे दैनिक बज्ने बासुदेव मुनालको यो आह्वान अलि अघिको पुस्तालाई अझै ताजा सम्झना छ । 'भए पनि ठीकै, नभए

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वन्यजन्तु संरक्षण यसरी गरौँ

वन्य जन्तुको संरक्षाण यसरी गरौँ भन्छन् वन्य जन्तु विषेशज्ञ प्राध्यापक डा. मुकेश चालिसे

Engineering Education in Nepal

Prof. Pradeep Paudyal, himself an engineer and the Principal at ACME Engineering College in Kathmandu, speaks with Nepal Polity channel, about a wide range of issues concerning engineering education in Nepal. He covers the aspects, such as, quality, teaching faculty, physical infrastructure, demand-supply mechanism, skills, and so on

India challenged in Nepal’s politics

The India-guided so called 'political change' in domestic politics has landed this peaceful Himalayan nation into a hell: politically, socially, morally, economically, religiously, diplomatically, and in all aspects of a nation's life. Nepali politicians, working as puppets for India's interests, are now trapped into the growing conflicts of interests among

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Politics of Pre-emption?

By Maila Baje - Khadka is the last surviving leader who stepped out of that aircraft on that cold December day with B.P. Koirala seeking national reconciliation in 1976. To many ears, B.P. and Hindu statehood probably don’t seem to go together well. Yet could they be a winning combination

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