Nepal PM a tool of foreign forces: UML leader Khanal

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प्रजातन्त्रको भविष्य

युवराज गौतम यहाँ राष्ट्रवादी ऐक्यबद्ध हुनुपर्छ भन्‍नेलाई शंकाको दृष्टिले हेरिन्छ शुद्धोदनको दरबारमा देवदह राज्यसँग युद्ध गर्ने वा नगर्ने भन्‍ने विषयमा विशद् छलफल भयो । रोहिणी नदीको...

सहमतिको नाटक : बुद्धिजीबी स्तुति गायनमा

स्वयम्भुनाथ कार्की राजनीतिक दलको, प्रजातन्त्रको अनि जनताको सर्वाधिकारको आफूखुशी र आफू अनुकुल व्याख्या गरेर आफैलार्इ मालिक ठान्नेहरुले सधैँ भट्‍याउने गरेको वाक्य हो 'शंका नगर, संविधान...

India’s Rise Puts China on Edge

By Greg SheridanThe birth of a superpower can be a strange and disturbing event to witness. There is a lot of screaming, a lot...

University of Washington collaborates nature conservation in Nepal

A training on Conservation Biology and Global Health kicked off in Kathmandu. The training is collaborated by the University of Washington, aimed at nature conservation in Nepal, with special focus on wildlife conservation. The five-day practical training is organized jointly by The University of Washington, The United States and Nepal Biodiversity Research Society (NEBORS), Nepal. This is the 17th event of this series, which was started in 2002.

Timely Course Correction or Boomerang

By Deepak Gajurel — In the absence of timely corrections, policy of 'controlled destabilization will boomerang, having devastating outcome, so will be the policy of 'non-interference.' Nepali politics took a full circle. Two adversaries used to fight to eliminate the other. With blessing and instructions from without, these rivals turned into partners, that too for 'stability' and 'democracy' in Nepal. But the terminus was foreordained, for reasons natural. Bullet-loving Maoist and ballot-bearer alliance of parliamentary parties now have reached their natural places, with postures indicating more violent conflicts in the coming days among these 'Loktantrik' forces. Yes, there is a difference between the players of yesteryear's destruction and the approaching one. Monarchy is missing this time round which used to play an effective role as referee. Absent the Royal Palace as a decisive force and second edition of the Constituent Assembly too inching towards failure, a conscious Nepali should keep his/her fingers crossed and wait for the looming storm. One of the partners of the Delhi brokered 12-point agreement denies listening to the other's, and vice-versa. Instead of 'consensus' noise of violence and fragmentation is going up in the ambience.

A New Reality in U.S.-Israeli Relations

A New Reality in U.S.-Israeli Deepak Gajurel

We’re Drinking WHAT?

By Martha Rosenberg You don't have to see a doctor to imbibe a witch's brew of prescriptions pills. Antibiotics and psychiatric, cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy and...

Nepal: Energised Radicalism

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US muscle flexing will result in regional conflict in Himalayan Asia: Nepal Expert

Deepak GajurelAssistant Professor, Political Science, TU, Nepal.Originally published by Telegraph Weekly, Kathmandu, November 16, 2011, and can be accessed at: