राजसंस्था पुनर्स्थापनाको प्रश्न

शम्भुराम जोशी — विदेशीले चाहेको जस्तो राजनीतिक परिवर्तन भैसकेपछि आफ्नो लगानीको सावाँ र ब्याज दुवै उठाउने प्रवृति भएका उनीहरूकै सहयोगमा राजसंस्था पुनर्स्थापना भएमा त्यो उपयुक्त हुनेछैन किनकि यसरी पुनर्स्थापित राजा नेपाल र नेपालीको लागि भन्दा अरूको लागि काम गर्न वाध्य हुनेछन् ।

Nepali Politics: Unstable Social Cohesion and Peace

In a democratic society, citizens are entitled to decent living where symbolic economy can also contribute. Politics abhors a vacuum. If it is not...

Communist Unification: Defiance of History and Ideology

By Maila Baje — Over time, the contradictions in a communist party unified in defiance of history and ideological consistency are bound to spill out into the open. Grasping the geopolitical winds of change may not be palatable for a party so wedded to contriving a legacy of singularity since inception.

Politics of Foreign Aid and Nepal

By Prof. Dev Raj Dahal — The extreme reliance of Nepalis on aid working along cross-cutting interests, sometimes centrifugal, makes them its victim beyond the coordinating ability of Finance and Foreign Ministries and Social Welfare Council.
Indian Blockade

India Dominated Nepali Affairs

By N.P. Upadhyaya — Neither the Nepal PM nor the King agreed to remain under the Indian security umbrella. Now PM Modi has almost succeeded in swinging Nepal to which his predecessors have had summarily failed in the past beginning Madame Gandhi to Dr. MM Singh. If Rajiv Gandhi “taught a lesson” to King Birendra then it was Dr.Man Mohan Singh, a yes man of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who also thought to take some tutorial classes to King Gyanendra. As was expected, India has been dominating Nepali affairs clearly and the population is helpless.

राजसंस्था पुनस्थापना : नेपथ्यका खेल

प्राध्यापक पी खरेल — तीव्र सामाजिक विभाजनका कारण वर्तमान परिपे्रक्ष्यमा राजसंस्थाले एक सशक्त परिपूरकको भूमिका खेल्न सक्छ । दुई ठूला छिमेकी राजसंस्थामाथि दृढ भएमा अमेरिका आफूले पनि कुनै अवरोध नगर्ने टुंगोमा पुगेको छ ।
King Gyanendra

Will Monarchy Return?

Talks continue on giving monarchy some space in the spirit of the 1990 constitution. India, China and the US have discussed this issue in twos...
report card

Communist Government: A Hundred Days Of Incertitude

By Maila Baje — It probably won’t matter whether or how much Oli’s stock has risen or fallen up north because the Chinese and Indians seem primarily to be talking to each other over Nepal. The upshot: Oli hasn’t fulfilled all of his promises. But he has done a lot of things he hadn’t promised. Now, what grade does that kind of record merit?

The Irony of Secular Republic Nepal

By Maila Baje — We have a secular state where Christians say they face the worst persecution ever, Muslims can’t really feel the difference and Hindus have become, if anything, more faithful. Sure, we are a republic, but one where most are tuned to what the ex-king says and does. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was widely seen to have planted a kiss of death on Oli.
UML Maoists

UML-Maoist Unification: Guarantee to Right to Conversion

By Yubaraj Ghimire — For the European Union (EU), the unification of the two left parties guarantees “secularism”, implying the right to conversion being irreversibly placed in the statute. After the peace process began in 2006 with India playing a key role in bringing the Maoists to the centre of power politics in Nepal, the UML remained consistent in its demand for investigating human right violation cases and punishing the guilty.