Syria: Hybrid War and Media Manipulation

By Ahmed Ashfaque Shahbaz – With vested interests in Syria, many different governments and private organisations have gotten involved in this humanitarian crisis. Some have fueled the fire that burns Syrian society and some have attempted to assure their interests in the region through Hybrid/Proxy war.

Computer Processors: What’s Coming Up?

We already live in a world of sensors, counters, and taggers. Modern factors, hospitals, automobiles and airplanes, most homes, and businesses have dozens of...

बाह्य शक्तिहरूको रणभूमि बनेको नेपाल

निरक्षर निरौला — उसले सकेसम्म भारत र चीनका बिचमा द्वन्द्व निम्त्याएर क्षेत्रीय युद्ध गराउन चाहन्छ । यदि त्यसो गर्न सकिएन भने द्वीदेशीय युद्ध गराउने । त्यो पनि गर्न नसके चीन-भारतलाई एक जुट हुनै नदिने । भारत नेपालमा नियन्त्रित अस्थिरता चाहन्छ । अर्थात् पूर्णतः आफूद्वारा नियन्त्रित अस्थिरता । त्यसैले पनि चीनमा मात्रै हैन, भारतमा पनि चलखेल गर्नु अमेरिकी रणनीति हो । नेपालमा भारतको स्थायी र अन्तिम उद्देश्य त एउटै छ - नेपाललाई सकेसम्म सिक्किम बनाउने, त्यो नसके भुटान, त्यो पनि नसके फिजी बनाउने । आफ्नो रणनीतिको कार्यान्वयन गर्दै जाने क्रममा कुनै पात्र बिक्न तैयार भएन भने त्यो पात्रको हविगत कस्तो हुन्छ भन्ने कुरो बीपी कोइराला, मदन भण्डारी, पूर्ब राजा महेन्द्र, बीरेन्द्र र ज्ञानेन्द्र लगायतको जीवनको अन्तिम चरण हेर्दा थाहा हुन्छ ।

युरोपेली हस्तक्षेप : हिँसाको आधार भूमि तयार

दीपक गजुरेल — ‘लोकतन्त्र, धर्म निरपेक्षता, अधिकार, समावेसीकरण, आरक्षण’ का आवरणमा राष्ट्र तथा समाज विखण्डन गराउने, जात–जाति, भाषा, धर्म बीच कहिल्यै नरहको फाटो गराएर समाज ध्वस्त पार्ने यिनै हुन् । ‘जन युद्ध,’ ‘क्रान्ति’ मा युरोपका सयौँ गोराहरूलाई नेपाली भूमिमा लुकेर बस्ने प्रबन्ध मिलाइ नेपाल राष्ट्र विरुद्ध काम गराइएको थियो । अलिकता स्मरण शक्ति बाँकी रहेकालाई सम्झना होला, ‘शान्ति सम्झौता’ पछि सयौँ गोरा–गोरीहरूलाई जनयुद्धमा सघाएकोमा हार्दिक धन्यवाद सहित भव्य विदाइ गरिएको समारोहको तामझम् । ती को थिए ? किन, कसरी, कसले नेपाल राष्ट्र विरुद्ध नेपाली भूमिमै खटाएको थियो ? तिनको खर्च कसले व्यहोरेको थियो ?

US should restrict guns, protect rights, Chinese paper says

SHANGHAI, Global Times: The United States should learn from China and “genuinely” protect human rights by restricting gun ownership, an editorial in a widely read state-run Chinese newspaper said on Friday. The editorial in the Global Times newspaper was published after a massacre at a high school in Florida last week, in which 17 students and staff were killed, reignited a long-running debate about gun control in the United States. “Washington has been pointing an accusing finger at other countries over human rights … However, more Americans have been killed by gunfire in the country than American soldiers being killed in all US wars,” the Global Times said.

Really, Is This For Real?

By Maila Baje - While the Indian media has been jumping around that New Delhi’s policies have pushed Kathmandu into Beijing’s arms, official India seems remarkably unperturbed. That a political establishment that until the other day was thanking India for forging the mainstream-

Unelected Men Decide China’s Future

By Jenny Li and Leo Timm — Imagine if, for a few days a year, the president, his administration, congressional leaders, the Supreme Court, and high ranking officers of the U.S. military took a vacation to Cape Cod and plotted—in secret—the path for America to follow until the next time they met.

Aggressive Chinese Moves in South China Sea Conflict

By Joshua Philipp — An announcement by the Chinese regime on June 16 about its island building in the South China Sea is less than meets the eye.

Destroying Syria to Make It Safe for American Values

If Hugo were alive today, he might well have used the same haunting lines to describe the smoking wreckage of the Mideast.  Except this...

A War Between Two Worlds

By George Friedman — The murders of cartoonists who made fun of Islam and of Jews shopping for their Sabbath meals by Islamists in Paris last week have galvanized the world. A galvanized world is always dangerous. Galvanized people can do careless things. It is in the extreme and emotion-laden moments that distance and coolness are most required. I am tempted to howl in rage. It is not my place to do so. My job is to try to dissect the event, place it in context and try to understand what has happened and why. From that, after the rage cools, plans for action can be made. Rage has its place, but actions must be taken with discipline and thought.