Computer Processors: What’s Coming Up?

We already live in a world of sensors, counters, and taggers. Modern factors, hospitals, automobiles and airplanes, most homes, and businesses have dozens of...

U.S. President Trump Exhorts NATO Allies to Pay Up

By Robbie Gramer — In 2014, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and spiraling crises in the Middle East, NATO members set a goal for each country to spend 2 percent of its GDP on defense by 2024 — a long-standing NATO benchmark that few members honored.

Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces at Work in the Nation-State

By Zhixing Zhang "Here begins our tale: The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been." This opening adage...

China is Muscling India out of the Maldives

By Robert Beckhusen —If the Maldives kicking out the Indian helicopters are any indication, Chinese influence has grown since — if at least in relative terms as India’s presence deteriorates. This fits within China’s larger economic designs in the Indian Ocean, the informally-named “string of pearls” of ports, airports and economic investment stretching from the South China Sea to Pakistan.

Global Nuclear Weapons and Humanity

By Nepal Polity Desk — Because of the huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons with powerful countries across the earth, the global human community is always afraid of AMD (Assured Mutual Destruction).

Aggressive Chinese Moves in South China Sea Conflict

By Joshua Philipp — An announcement by the Chinese regime on June 16 about its island building in the South China Sea is less than meets the eye.

Controlled Press in America

By Eric Zuesse How many Americans know that the current regime in Ukraine was installed in a very bloody February 2014 coup d’etat, that was planned...

Destroying Syria to Make It Safe for American Values

If Hugo were alive today, he might well have used the same haunting lines to describe the smoking wreckage of the Mideast.  Except this...

CIA’s Hidden Hand in ‘Democracy’ Groups

By Robert Parry Freedom House and the National Endowment for Democracy stress their commitment to freedom of thought and democracy, but both cooperated with a...

Tiananmen Square 25 Years Ago

The massacre that wasn’t By Brian Becker Twenty-five years ago today, every U.S. media outlet, along with then President Bush and the U.S. Congress were whipping...