जनजातिको दुर्दशाका कारण : वेलायतको शोषण

जनजातिको आजको दुर्दशा बेलायती शोषणको परिणाम हो । प्रा. डा. युवराज सङ्ग्रौला एउटा साह्रै धेरै शोषणको विवरण तपाइँहरु समक्ष राखौं : गुर्खा बृगेडको । १. अहिले सम्म...

Computer Processors: What’s Coming Up?

We already live in a world of sensors, counters, and taggers. Modern factors, hospitals, automobiles and airplanes, most homes, and businesses have dozens of...

China is Muscling India out of the Maldives

By Robert Beckhusen —If the Maldives kicking out the Indian helicopters are any indication, Chinese influence has grown since — if at least in relative terms as India’s presence deteriorates. This fits within China’s larger economic designs in the Indian Ocean, the informally-named “string of pearls” of ports, airports and economic investment stretching from the South China Sea to Pakistan.

Kashmir: Could things have turned out otherwise?

Rather than give Kashmir special privileges and create resentment elsewhere in India, it was best to let the state go. As things stood, however, Kashmir...

Unelected Men Decide China’s Future

By Jenny Li and Leo Timm — Imagine if, for a few days a year, the president, his administration, congressional leaders, the Supreme Court, and high ranking officers of the U.S. military took a vacation to Cape Cod and plotted—in secret—the path for America to follow until the next time they met.

Destroying Syria to Make It Safe for American Values

If Hugo were alive today, he might well have used the same haunting lines to describe the smoking wreckage of the Mideast.  Except this...

The Two Sides of the Berlin Wall

By William Blum November 9 will mark the 25th anniversary of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. The extravagant hoopla began months ago in...

Aggressive Chinese Moves in South China Sea Conflict

By Joshua Philipp — An announcement by the Chinese regime on June 16 about its island building in the South China Sea is less than meets the eye.

Tiananmen Square 25 Years Ago

The massacre that wasn’t By Brian Becker Twenty-five years ago today, every U.S. media outlet, along with then President Bush and the U.S. Congress were whipping...

Amazing Technologies used in World Cup 2018, Russia

By hsaniba — The various tools that operate in the background are providing additional support to the referees and important additional information to the participating teams for their decision making process during the 64 matches thus helping to improve the performance on the pitch.