China urges India not to complicate the situation


By Nepal Polity desk

Disputed Sino-India borders have again come to the fore with allegations and counter-allegations between Nepal’s two giant neighbors, China and India.

India has, since early this year, been alleging Chinese People’s Liberation Army of intruding deep into Indian territory. The latest of such Indian accusation against China came earlier this week when, according to Indian officials, PLA crossed the LAC (Line of Actual Control) between China and India in Arunachal Pradesh. Practically Arunachal Pradesh is governed by India, while this territory is claims by China as South Tibet.

China denies any wrong doing in the disputed borders.

The media reports of India’s plan to build new border posts near the disputed borders in the eastern area have provoked Chinese government.

On Thursday, October 30, China urged India not to take actions that will complicate the situation on the border, where the two countries have territorial disputes, Xinhua, the Chinese news agency, reported.

According to Xinhua, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun made the comment at a monthly briefing in response to a question on India’s plan to build 54 border posts near the southern Tibet area.

‘We have taken notice of the reports. China and India have disputes over the eastern part of their border. We hope India will try to help maintain stability and peace in the border areas, instead of taking moves that may further complicate the situation,’ spokesman Yang Yujun is quoted by Xinhua as saying.

According to a press release from Chinese Foreign Ministry on September 30, China and India have completed the withdrawal of troops from a standoff at the border.


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