India Playing Hindu King Card!

King Gyanendra

The fact is that this left Coalition has some Indian brains with Nepali souls.

Nepal’s former King Gyanendra Shah has conceivably set the ball rolling.

Indications to this effect have begun trickling in the political talks here and there, beyond the borders as well, in the recent days and weeks.

Hardly had it been a fortnight or so wherein the King had advised the various splinters of the party of the former Panchas, the RPP, in Himalayan Tea Estate situated in the Jhapa district, to get united and thus form a formidable democratic force to match with the increasing threat (implied perhaps) of the left alliances which has emerged as a Himalayan force that has practically threatened the New Delhi regime to the extent that each and every leader together with some lanky and fatigued diplomats in collaboration with the self declared Nepal experts have been spitting venom against the Communist government that has taken a formal shape in Nepal led by Prime Minister KPS Oli.

The outdated and mentally retarded New Delhi based diplomats, who have had served in Nepal longtime ago such as Kawal Sibbal and SS Mukherjee, Shyam Sarana and Rakesh Sood, to name a few, feel that Nepal’s new Left coalition bodes ill for the entire South Asia, read India in their myopic analysis, as such a coalition which has a distinct and dangerous tilt towards China-the arch rival of India since 1962 humiliating debacle, as far as Indian security is concerned. (India of late has toned down its political overtones being usually made against China).

These luminaries having limited knowledge on Nepal fear that the Left coalition shall invite China in a much bigger way which India can’s match in Nepal and thus minimize or say impede the manner they have had been micro-managing Nepal with the tacit assistance of the domestic leaders, government bureaucrats, envelope-media men, so called India experts, the JNU returnees and et al, to which India wants to remain intact.

Two such defunct Indian diplomats are now in Nepal to spy on PM KPS Oli. The two were the ones who brought Nepal-India relations to ever observed new low in the recent history. The pretext is trekking.

King Gyanendra still counts of New Delhi regime. Perhaps is hoping against hope.

The fear of the Chinese factor is real but yet the Indian establishment is so deep rooted in Nepal that for several decades to come, India can have its easy going in Nepali affairs thanks to the prevalence of the Nehruvian doctrine in Nepal beginning the grand escapade of late King Tribhuvan to Delhi in the 1950, if one were to recall.

King Gyanendra still counts of New Delhi regime. Perhaps is hoping against hope. However, he is free to hope as it is not a crime to hope at all in a democracy. As a common Nepali national he too deserves the right to hope and dream.

To come to the point. The former Monarch while saying that the fractured RPP leaders should unite for the greater cause of the nation has also been heard well within the RPP and beyond such as the Nepali Congress which is also struggling, as observers claim, to keep its existence intact in the Nepali political arena. Delhi too is one of the listeners of his Jhapa appeal.

Very interestingly, Kamal Thapa, one of the Chairmen of the RPP splinters has in a determined manner vowed that his party shall never abandon the notion of democracy together with the reinstatement of the Nepali monarchy. Thapa has also said that his party shall ever favor the reinstatement of the Hindu religion in Nepal. Thapa hopes that the street movement remains always an option.

More or less in the same manner, the Nepali Congress General Secretary Dr. Shashank Koirala too has spoken that his party should now think on the lines of late Khum Bahadur Khadka who when alive had been advocating the reinstatement of the Hindu religion in the country by declaring making the secular term null and void.

Dr. Shashank Koirala in the recent months, more so after the fresh election debacle for the NC, had said reportedly that the NC should not have abandoned the notion of Democracy with Constitutional monarchy together with the prevalence of the Sanatan Dharma, that is the Hindu religion.

Dr. Koirala made such remarks very freshly during a program organized to mark the 13th day death rites of the departed NC leader KB Khadka who left for his heavenly abode in Delhi’s Apollo Hospital.

If we put all these pieces together then a clear picture emerges which signals in many more ways than one that the Hindu or say its synonym “Nepal King Card” is the brain child of the frustrated Indian regime which has been thinking that such a card if and when used may counter the increasing threat of China due to the overwhelming majority of the Left Coalition in Nepal.

However, the fact is that this left Coalition has some Indian brains with Nepali souls. Kamal Thapa is very close to the Indian PM Modi and the former Nepal Sovereign was recently in UP wherein he met with Aditya Nath Bista yogi, the Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, India. Later he went to Oddissa and accepted the title of World’s Hindu Emperor. The message is loud and clear.