India to Join Opposition protest in Nepal !?

By Telegraph Nepal

Telegraph cartoonIndia’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in line with the British imperial policy espoused by first Indian Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru claims that his country possesses special right to interfere in the internal matters of Nepal.

This time the interference will be on religious ground. Nehru habits die hard.

“I have come to the land of Pashupatinath from the land of Vishwanath. I possess special right to pray for Nepal”, he said while addressing a program held in Kathmandu.

The pretext is readymade ever.

He continued, “It is up to the Nepalis themselves to decide what sort of constitution they want. The Nepali Constituent Assembly is working on this aspect quite brilliantly. But, I also feel that it is taking too much of time now.”

For obvious reasons, Modi holds special privilege in Nepal.

But has he the right to dictate?

Modi along with six other members of SAARC are presently in Kathmandu to attend the 18th SAARC summit. The SAARC is also known as the gossip club and needs to be dismantled. Earlier the better.

In yet another soothing remark he said “I have travelled to different countries across the globe after becoming the Prime Minister of India. However, nowhere else I have been loved and honored as in Nepal.”

It is not love Honorable PM but the fear factor. Take this fact easily Sir!

“I wish to travel to Nepal repeatedly as we share special relations with each other,” he continued.

Chacha Nehru reborn.

Modi in a bid to appease Nepal’s Madhesh based parties in his lecture said, “I wish to see such a constitution for Nepal where the Madhesis will not feel discarded.”

He continued, “Not even the Pahadis and the Maoists.”

In his last visit to Nepal while providing free sermons to his Nepali ‘subjects’ in Kathmandu Modi had not referred to the Madhesis which had hurt the Madhesi politicians badly.

In yet another statement that tantamount to direct interference in the internal matters of Nepal Modi said, “I would like to appeal all the political parties of Nepal to draft the constitution in consensus. A constitution drafted in a majority will not be sustainable.”

Whether Narendra Modi’s India will also take part in the protest program scheduled by the 22-Party opposition alliance after the conclusion of the SAARC summit is not known?

Pushpa Kamal and Amresh Singh must have been highly elated by Modi’s affirmation to their demands.

Thus the soft/hard interference begins. Tighten your belts and remain prepared to digest some more bitter pills which are, hopefully, in the pipeline.



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