Deepak Gajurel,

Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University

Deepak Gajurel

In a live broadcast television discussion, Tribhuvan University Political Scientist, Associate Professor Deepak Gajurel analyses the Kalapani issue from strategic stand point.

‘What one sees and listens in media or in open air is only a smoke-and-mirror, ‘screen saver’ in computer’s language,’ he says, adding, ‘the reality behind the scene is India has become desperate about its security and stability.’

Talking with Janata TV anchor Madan Khati, Gajurel, in this video, puts forward the following major arguments:

  • The territorial dispute between Nepal and India has three aspects, viz., technical aspects that prove the territory to be under Nepal’s sovereignty; internationalizing the issue (through International Court of Justice / UN Security Council); and diplomatic measures.
  • Nepal should take the path of diplomatic solutions to take our territory back from India’s occupation.
  • The territory of Kalapani, Lipulek, Limpiyadhura is an integral part of Nepal, of which Nepal has every proofs.
  • India has, through its Army Chief, intelligentsia and media, accused China of meddling into the issues through Nepal’s Left controlled regime.
  • The disputed territory is vitally important for India. India takes this land as a question of survival, as this piece of land is strategically located.
  • Not only China has the interests here, the West too has strategic interests in Nepal.
  • Indians themselves have been realizing that New Delhi has lost its monopoly in Nepal’s domestic politics, especially so, after India-engineered regime change, overthrowing of Monarchy.
  • As an issue of question of survival, India would utilize every measure to retain this territory.
  • Instigating India by adopting a revised map of the country, Nepal has clearly exhibited, from India’s perspective, that Kathmandu regime is working on behest of ‘someone else,’ in the words of Indian Army chief.
  • India might have gone puzzled on what factors are orchestrated, and by whom, in Kathmandu that emboldens those who India took to the throne of Nepal from streets.
  • In any situation, the current disputes must be resolved through diplomatic excellence, which Nepal can garner.

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