Lost Credibility of Nepali Politicians


This dire situation is not created by Nepali people, neither by any outsiders, but by these politicians themselves. Now the question remains to be answered is what is the way of generating trust towards at least the government, its agencies and officials?

Are Loktantrik Ganatantrabadis listening? And are you calculating and imagining the outcome of the current situation?

By Deepak Gajurel

Deepak GajurelThe still shaking earthquake has affected more than a third of Nepalis, almost all living in the hills. Two big tremors left more than eight thousand people dead, thousands injured and hundreds of billion Rupees’ loss in physical property.

With the rescue operation coming to an end, Nepal government has announced to launch relief and rehab/reconstruction operations simultaneously. According to some experts, an estimated 10 billion US Dollars is required for the rehabilitation of quake damaged infrastructures, both public as well as private.

For this purpose, Nepal government has appealed for a 200 billion Nepali Rupees (US$ 2 billion) fund, most of which is expected to come from Nepal’s friendly countries and international donors.

After three weeks, the collection of money in the Fund does not seem enthusiastic. As of May 19, Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund has received less than three billion Rupees, according to the Fund’s official web site.

A donors’ conference is planned next month which is expected to generate resources required for Nepal’s reconstruction. However, things do not seem encouraging.

Nepal’s immediate neighbors, China and India, have diplomatically signaled that they are not going to provide cash to Nepal government’s fund. Yes, they have assured Nepali people that Nepal’s neighbors are keen to ‘extend every support’, meaning, they would like to spend resources in Nepal’s reconstruction themselves, and not risking corruption by politicians in the name of the quake victims.

By and large, same attitude is shown from other friendly countries and international agencies.

Credibility Crisis
Credibility crisis towards the government and political parties has surfaced with the national grief and emergency created by earthquake.

Mainstream as well as social media is full of criticism and distrust against the political leaders and government. An extreme example of how badly Nepali citizenry is hating these political creatures, ‘My God, save my nation from our political leaders,’ Prem Sunuwar tweeted when he learned of Constituent Assembly (CA) members given out tents donated by foreign friends in the name of disaster victims.

Videos and photos of lawmakers receiving tents inside the CA hall were widely circulated as viral in online media. ‘CA members, who earn nearly one hundred thousand rupees a month, can buy tents and other ‘relief’ materials in Kathmandu market,’ fumed Rakesh Chhetri in Facebook.

Accountability, credibility and reliability of Nepali politicians have gone further down with the reports coming in from disaster-hit districts and villages. Village/district level leaders of political parties, are forcing, using physical force and threat in some instances, relief agencies to handover materials to them, so that politician themselves gobble down. Media is full of reports of irregularities in relief operations.

The environment of mistrust was created by Nepal government and so called ‘major’ political parties when the government decided and issued notice that all relief/reconstruction activities are to be done through the decision from “All Party Mechanism” at all levels (from Center to Village Units) where such Mechanisms are at work since last 15 years, with no people’s representatives.

This means that nothing is going to happen on the basis of reality, scientific facts and logic. And politicians at all levels are prepared to “Share and Gobble” all resources in the name of the victims. Gobbling of relief materials and funds, by local politicians, is rampant at places, even in the capital city, according to media reports.

As a result, some credited Nepali personalities/professionals have announced that they are not donating anything to the government fund, rather are going to needy people by themselves personally.

Here, the world is also listening. International community is not deaf and blind, and is seeing and listening what is happening in Nepal, and what general Nepali people are saying.

Internationally prestigious television news channel CNN, two days back, broadcasted an analytical report on Nepal in which different ‘Nepal Experts’, all ‘Whites’ from the West, were invited to comment on the subject. All commentators, including the anchor were unanimous that there is no room for trusting Nepali politicians. ‘If you give money, politicians at all levels would feed their own constituencies,’ they said.

CNN is not the only one to give out message in clear words that Nepali politicians are thieves; many other ‘international’ media are also doing the same. And this is not baseless.

Again, this dire situation is not created by Nepali people, neither by any outsiders, but by these politicians themselves.

Now the question remains to be answered is what is the way of generating trust towards at least the government, its agencies and officials?

Are Loktantrik Ganatantrabadis listening? And are you calculating and imagining the outcome of the current situation?

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  1. It’s a sorry affair for a miserable nation that ranks nearly at the bottom as the unhappiest nation in the world with very corrupt politics and very poor people, worst than those hungry African nations torn by ethic conflicts and foreign powers meddling.

    Nepal has come to this decline since 1980 when party politics openly flourished without love for this nation. Lip services were given by so called national leaders but never new what really bound this nation united and free from external meddling since unification.

    When there is the lack of skill to manage the statecraft (‘Dhanga nahunda’) nothing gets right. This is the situation today with problems and problems in all sectors and walks of life.

    Disaster management has been a total mess that fundamentally questions the political parties, whether of the left or right, their ways of anti people politics. There is the silent majority who will rise to punish those who have shown contradictory allegiance to the Nepali nation. The pandora box has opened up for everyone to see what has led to our misery.

    Nepal Dhartimata will not wait anymore to wipe the tears of the Nepali people.

    Su Pa

  2. How to rebulit the lost credibility of politician
    It is a proven fact that Nepalese politician have no accountability, creditability, reliability and feeling of responsibility. In this ground reality I see no confusion on not receiving the money from the donor agencies and foreign nation for the development as well as relief and rehabilitation work. How the money provided for the peace is being misused is an open secret. I see full justification on the saying of the donor agencies and foreign nations that they are not willing to help in cash but ready to provide the required materials and expertise .Not only foreign nations and donor agencies but all Nepalese also do know well that to provide cash to the present day corrupt politician will be only a waste, misuse and support to their corruption notion. In coming meeting of the Nepal and donor agencies the foreign nation and donor agencies should clearly demand the following if they are helping to the Nepalese people and not supporting the corrupt power hungry leaders.
    1. Demand the return of all looted money by the corrupt leaders in the name of medical treatment and deposit it in the relief fund account and this should be main & primary covenant to receive any further support from donor agencies.
    2. Form a high power commission to investigate the property assessment of the political leaders since 2046 –most of us do know their status was similar to that of beggar during 2046 and all most all of them are billionaire from corrupt money.
    3. Demand a” white paper” from the speaker on the progress on constitution making clearly mentioning why it failed on first CA and total money so far wasted in the name of constitution.
    4. Demand the detail of the expenditure in the name of peace –how much it paid to Maoist in the name of salary etc to its force.
    5. Demand the road map on the relief and rehabilitation plan to cope the damages done by the last EQ.
    In my opinion without fulfilling the mentioned demand to provide any cash to the Nepal government will be not only a support to corruption of the present day corrupt power hungry politician but also an act of betray towards the people of the country on whose name the taxpayer’s money of different nation is being provided to Nepal. The donor agencies and its representatives must take this seriously because the taxpayer’s of the donor countries do want to help the Nepalese people but in no way want to support the corruption of the present day crook leaders of Nepal. Thanks
    Kalyan Dev Bhattarai, citizen of Nepal


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