The agony, frankly speaking, is related with the news of the forced arrival of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi who, take it for granted, is the most hated person in Nepal now save a few salaried staffs of the Indian intelligence machinery and some “envelope journalists”.

By NP Upadhyaya

Never had been the Nepali population as restive as they are as of today. The inner pain is there but have been rendered speechless for they understand that the Indo-pendent leaders, some proven even, steering this India tortured nation shall never listen to their plea. Past experience testifies to the people’s claim.

The agony, frankly speaking, is related with the news of the forced arrival of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi who, take it for granted, is the most hated person in Nepal now save a few salaried staffs of the Indian intelligence machinery and some “envelope journalists”.

The news is that Modi wants to land in Nepal not as per the convenience of the receiving end but just the otherwise which is what has made the domestic population restless who have been forced to suggest their own Indo-pendent government that the continued Indian hegemony must now be rejected and come to an end once and for all and Indian PM must be told in no uncertain terms that since he has “betrayed and cheated” the innocent Nepalese by imposing Economic blockade on Nepal and so he would do well if he, read PM Modi, delays the visit or even caps the idea of his Nepal visit for all time to come.

Wearing white Kurta doesn’t make a person’s heart white and innocent.

In fact, he is the most hated Indian political personality in Nepal now. He has to read the Nepali sentiments that prevails across the nation. Even if Nepal PM Oli invites him and greets him in a befitting manner yet he will have done so simply as a matter of courtesy but not from his inner heart. Oli must fear the wrath of the domestic population if he exceeds his limits.

Chankaya says, for example, “Avoid hosting a person in your home who hurts others repeatedly and shows no remorse. Such a person feels happy only by destroying people’s lives, thinks s/he is only right, and doesn’t care for others feelings. Strategy is to keep a distance”.

The Nepali people think the same of PM Modi and would prefer to keep him at a distance for they fear that what of this senile person who may once again in his wild whim may impose yet another blockade on Nepal to take revenge of his Doklam humiliating debacle. A senile person can go to any extent. Nepali people have already braved and challenged Modi’s acts influenced by a perverted mind at time of the heinous blockade.

Look at the twitter messages originating from Nepal wherein most of the nationalist Nepalese have suggested Nepal government to ignore Modi’s Nepal visit. Or at best, if he lands in Nepal forcibly then let him feel as to how the common population takes him now after the imposition of the Blockade which equaled to a crime of the highest order.

Most of the Twitter messages are in the form of satire. Some even say that Modi is a farce and nothing more than that.

The talk of felicitating Modi in Nepal should be a distant affair for multiple reasons. A person should be honored who deserves such an integrity. Modi has no such qualities for all practical purposes which should force Nepal authorities to crown him and say few words of praise.

He is in effect a coward Indian politician who when threatened by the Chinese President Xi Jinping has rushed to Wuhan, China to mend his differences with the world’s most powerful man. President XI needs Modi’s help in securing India’s positive nod for the One belt One Road China initiative, OBOR. That’s all. China is helping Pakistan with no strings attached, however, for shared benefits.

Nepal is a signatory to the China’s OBOR initiative to which the Nepali Ambassador to the US says that Nepal is the gate way for the OBOR.

He said this while talking to a Nepali expert on International relations, Anil Sigdel, this Thursday.

While unfortunately India is fighting with Minor Girls rape cases nonstop, then Pakistan Army chief is busy in accumulating high flying friends near and far then the Pakistan Army Chief has already won the hearts of some important South Asian neighboring Countries, now he is visiting nations which count and have a grand say in world politics, such as for example, the Russian federation. Perhaps he is in a “mission”.

The Pakistan Army Chief General Qumar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday told the General Staff of the Russian Armed forces General Valery Vasilevich Gerasimov that Pakistan wants to get out of the zero-sum dynamics of the cold war era.

He also told Gerasimov that Pakistan welcomes any initiative that can bring peace and stability in Afghanistan adding that entire region will benefit from such efforts.

In response, General Gerasimov said his country supports Pakistan’s efforts towards reconciliation and peace building in Afghanistan. Gerasimov also appreciated Pakistan’s achievements in the war against terror.

Pakistan now enjoys cordial ties with the Russian federation. And China-Pakistan ties need no further explanations as the CPEC explains the dimension of Beijing-Islamabad relations that have evolved in the recent years.

Indian jealousy is increasing observing the ever expansion of the China-Pakistan ties. So be it.

In the meanwhile, the Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said this Monday that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC, has become a reality and provided Pakistan with a platform to achieve development, prosperity and poverty alleviation.

This explains the Pakistani satisfaction in having China as its shared benefit partner. The CPEC project is doing miracles and it is here that the Indian establishment is left with hair pulling job.

The Doklam and the Arunachal Pradesh land imbroglio shall continue ad infinitum.

India may be slowly waking up to the reality, but still uncertain of its path. Different political systems have shaped the faith of the two ancient civilizations, India and China, one is set to regain its past global leadership while the other is still playing catch-up. (Source Twitter).

All in all, PM Modi is thus advised not to rush to Kathmandu as the people living here possess neither love nor any honor for the one who had remained instrumental in making their, read of the Nepali people, lives problematic at time of the Economic blockade.

Nepal has a visible tilt now towards China by default. Indian highhandedness forced Nepal to seek other viable alternatives for survival in effect. Or else India was a friendly country prior to the blockade.

If Modi is wise enough then he should understand the message emanating from Nepal and immediately cancel his forced trip to Nepal to save his prestige, if left any. A word to the wise should be enough. But is he wise?

Yet some options for PM Modi if he wants to land in Nepal remain in place:
# He must agree for the abrogation of the 1950 treaty or effect changes in the same document as per the changed world’s context more so of the Nepali needs and requirements.
# India must return the entire captured landmass of Nepal. Some 60, 000 hectares of land or even more has been grabbed by India claims Nepal’s Border Management expert Shri BN Shrestha.
# Treat Nepal as an equal partner but no behaving like elder brother. No more Dada giri.
# Must agree that Nepal and India have no “special relations” but just two sovereign countries having friendly relations. In fact no such relation called special existed in between ancient Nepal and India born 1947 only.
# India must not shift the border pillars during the night. No dams be constructed along the border prior to the consultation of Nepal.
# The Indian SSB men together with the Police personnel must be tamed and told not to harass Nepali people entering their own territories.
# Indian ambassador in Kathmandu be told not to get engaged in micro-management activities of Nepal.
# No jealousy as and when China wants to help Nepal. For Nepal, both India and China are just close neighbors.
# Allow China to build factories so that Nepal can be able to generate employment opportunities for its Gulf fleeing youths for jobs.
# No shelter to the groups who create havoc in Nepal by being in India which is what had happened with the Nepal Maoists. Some others even remain inside India and reportedly create trouble inside Nepal.
# Allow Nepal to work freely both domestically and internationally.
And many more. If these conditions are met with then Modi is most welcome or else better he lives in Delhi quietly listening to the gang rape incidents each day that have been happening in his Mahan Bharat each day nonstop.


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