By Deepak Gajurel

Leading a 30-party front, Prachanda has asserted himself against NC and UML with a series of mass activities across the country.

Another splinter Maoist party, led by Mohan Baidhya at the same time, has threatened to promulgate its own ‘people’s constitution’ from the street.

Adding fuel to this political quagmire, newly formed, splinting from Baidhya Maoist party, Biplav group of Maoist party has began to speak of yet another spell of ‘gun and barrel’ if its demands of ‘people’s constitution’ is not met by all.

The universal truth that ballot and bullet cannot work together seems to be proven by experiments of 8 years’ drama of ‘consensus building’ in Nepal. It’s only the matter of time, and modus operandi to be applied; these two, Maoist and parliamentary parties’ coalition, formally break away and collide leading the country into yet another devastation.

Tribhuvan University Political Scientist Deepak Gajurel analyses the present Nepal politics based on ‘Realist Approach’ in a live radio talk-show.

The analysis was broadcast live by Capital FM 92.4, Kathmandu.

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  1. Deepakji,

    Congrats! I listened with interest to your radio interview and I appreciate the candour with which you have analysed the current politics of the country. You have boldly stated that ‘bullet’ and ‘ballot’ can’t go together.

    Secondly, our political leaders do not act ‘independently’ and are dancing to the tune of foreign masters and are working to serve the interest of foreign forces.

    Thirdly, parliament was revived unconstitutionally.

    Fourthly, republicanism, secularism, federalism are not the real issues that are likely to delay the adoption of a new constitution but interests of foreign elements will dictate the political course of the country.

    Attempts are being made to weaken the country and foreign vested interests are busy promoting their own interest . So-called ‘consensus building ‘ is only a farce( ‘Nautanki’).

    You have taken us back to the days of CA-I election when former American President Jimmy Carter publicly declared that the election was fair without any rigging or unfair manipulation. How could he make such statement when even polling was not over.

    You have challenged the political parties and their leaders to confess openly and publicly that the signing of 12-point agreement was a wrong step.

    Let us see if Nepal’s political parties can convene a round table conference which will be attended not only by parties now outside CA but also the former King. Can mistakes committed by the parties be rectified and in what way?


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