The most important thing is vision. Be clear on vision, at least on agendas, for the nation. Only a fool can hope to rule this nation as was done in the past. Gone are those days. Don’t dance with the tune from without.

By Deepak Gajurel

Deepak GajurelThey say it’s a transition period. Since last ten years, great endeavors have been at work to end the transition and institutionalize “Lokatantrik Ganatantra” but all in vain. The Constituent Assembly (CA) failed to give the country anything. However, it facilitated and promoted loot and rampage the nation in the name of ‘Democracy.’

Political parties and their leaders have become so hated among the general people that these leaders seem to realize the ground reality, so are trying to find a escape goat, as face saving. And as the second CA too is approaching futility, the ‘leaders’ have started to find a new way to further destroy the country.

Naya Rajnitik Shakti
The concept of “Naya Rajnitik Shakti” (New Political Force-NPF) is floated out from among the same persons who have failed time and again to deliver according to their own commitments, since more than two decades. Cunning politicians first launched this concept of NPF which was instantly propagated by a section of so called mainstream media and the civil society leaders.

The people and the country have not been informed about what’s, how’s, why’s and when’s about this force. Yes, it is loudly spoken out that this new force would bring out this country from the current political quagmire and a new golden path of rapid development would follow.

It’s not surprising in a country like Nepal that any politician, whether he/she is democratic or revolutionary, does not bother to present a clear vision for the said promise. Same is being done in the name of NPF. Neither initiator of the concept nor any of its propagators have felt necessary to speak about such a vision or at least a clearly chalked out programs.

The media which is widely promoting NPF does not seem know what that means, Why would that be a remedy. As in the case of Janaandolan II, the media is lined up for, not against, this new vaguely and confusingly proposed NPF.

Here, things make it clear that Nepali media does not need clear and feasible vision that would run a nation. If Nepali media has had any vision, at least a logical mind, (forget about their being independent) it would have politely apologized before the Nepali people and this nation, for their ‘overwhelmingly’ and vulgarly carrying out of 2006 political change agendas.

Has any sane Nepali seen or participated in any activity for regime change with full knowledge of the clear agendas and vision? Any, in last six decades?

This is the real politik in Nepal. nobody has a vision, even an agenda, for what is upcoming. And Nepali media, Budhijihis and professionals bee up blindly. It always happens in Nepal because of ‘project-driven’ character of ours. Most dangerous are those who call themselves ‘Buddhijibi,’ which also include media pundits.

Power Aspirants, Mind Your Head
It’s not surprising for a Nepali that regime change here is done through choreography from outside. Its open secrete that nicely choreographed Nepali characters play roles in front stages showing that Nepali people themselves are changing the regime without anybody’s support.

So was the case every time since the overthrow of the Rana Regime. Who knows better than the off springs of Mohan Shamsher on Delhi Agreement and 1950 Treaty? And who knows more than Gyanendra Shah of every detail, every incoming penny, every bullet, every telephone call, every meeting, every covert activity by everybody, every person’s presence in Janaandolan II?

Can any sane Nepali even imagine that Gyanendra, for that matter Monarchy, would have survived had he surrendered earlier, say some day immediately after the signing of Delhi Agreement of November 2005? Nay!

Yes, not only Gyanendra and Shah dynasty would have continued had he in 2005, or his slain brother Birendra some 15 years back signed the Delhi-sent document. It is another question how long would that survival be. Remember Mohan Shamsher and 1950 treaty?

Knowing every details about everything, all nooks and corners, ups and downs, any aspirant to Nepal’s state power must study history, analyze things, realize the changed milieu, possible effective strategy and implementation thereof.

This student of political science warns any such aspirant to refrain from mercy of any kind, from anyone.

The most important thing is vision. Be clear on vision, at least on agendas, for the nation. Only a fool can hope to rule this nation as was done in the past. Gone are those days. Don’t dance with the tune from without.


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