Prachanda telling a tale of Nepal masters and slaves

By Telegraphnepal

There is no harm in taking two to three more months to complete the constitution drafting task. There is absolutely no possibility of completing the task by January 22 deadline, claims

Chairman Pushpa Kamal of Unified Maoists.

He also claimed that general public will not object if parties consume few more months to bring the constitution drafting task to a conclusion.

He made this remark while addressing a press interaction program held at Reporters’ Club in Kathmandu, December 6, 2014.

“If parties come to terms within two to three days there lay possibility of completing the draft before the deadline. But, I do not see this forthcoming. We are already lagging behind the deadline.”

“As far as matters related to constitution drafting are concerned, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala and United Marxist Leninist Chairman KP Oli consider themselves as the masters whereas they take us as their slaves,” he said.

“They have made up their mind to promulgate the constitution through a two-thirds majority. Let me make it clear that it will not be acceptable to the parties and the general public will also out rightly reject the constitution drafted in majority.”

“To tell you the truth both Sushil Ji and KP Oli are against the peace process and they are also not in favor of federalism. The constitution drafting process is being delayed just because of the two people,” he added.

“Had Girija Babu been alive things would have been totally different. The country would not have suffered as it is suffering now,” he said.

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