Reverse the Past Anti-Nation Activities

By Deepak Gajurel — Constituent Assembly (CA) chairman the other day publicly said 'if consensus is not reached soon, the coming days are dangerous.' 'Nepal is heading towards another conflict', if our demands are not met, thundered the top opposition coalition boss. Similar lines of prediction or sort are being

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Deceit and Betrayal: Are you Smart Enough?

By Deepak Gajurel — Nepal clearly is back to where it was in 2004, in other words, before India sponsored so-called Janaandolan-II of 2062/63. it is high time for the parliamentary parties, especially Nepali Congress and UML, that they accept, officially, that they have betrayed the nation and the Nepali

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अराजक राजनीतिका कुरूप द्विविधा

युवराज घिमिरे – – मोदीको नेपालप्रति जति सदासयता भएपनि उनको सरकारी संयन्त्र श्‍याम शरणकै नीति कार्यान्‍वयन गर्न समर्पित छ गोप्‍य रुपमा। पहाड नघुसेको अथवा पहाडविरोधी अनि पूर्ण तराईसहितको संघीयताकै पक्षमा श्‍याम शरण नीतिसँग जोडिएको व्‍यक्ति र शक्तिहरुको 'लविङ' जारी छ संघीयताका नाममा अहिले पनि।