Who sidelined Nepal monarchy?


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For us in this paper, the entire leaders and politicians of Nepal-once a great country indeed- were not only honorable ones but also we took, and still take, them all as strong nationalists. A nationalist is a nationalist even if he is blamed by his detractors. Concurrently, an agent, if and when recognized, serving some foreign country/countries must be condemned even if he or she holds a coveted post in the present day scheme of things in Nepal. Traitor is always a traitor.

With no prejudice as such in our heart, we wish to bring some tantalizing utterances made by some our august leader(s) whom we generally take in high esteem in the meantime for the larger audience.

Whether his fresh expressions were good or bad best be judged by our august and qualified readers both within and without. We deserve no authority or whatsoever to pass on judgment on anyone for what he or she may have uttered either deliberately or even otherwise. However, as a media person whose primary job is to inform and analyze the events, as per the ethics of the media profession and thus we dare to make some logical comments in what the senior leader of the UML party, Monsieur Madhav Kumar Nepal has recently spoken for the consumption of larger audience. Thus it would be opportune to make it even more bigger so that people both here and there and beyond could understand as to what sort of politics were played by our own nationals with the tacit support of some domestic and albeit international forces to destabilize this nation which still remains in a mess and perhaps the political hotchpotch shall continue if we the people continue with the same set of present day leaders who have been told to steer the nation in a grand manner to what the last change apparently meant.

So without wasting much of your precious time, we now collect the courage to what Madhav Kumar Nepal bluntly said and how and what could be analyzed  from his blunt expressions wherein he stated recently that “I made to crumble the Institution of Nepali Monarchy”.

This is not a big issue now as the institution as such has already been sidelined, perhaps once and for all, however, the statement is tormenting in many more ways than one in that it does tell the tacit understanding in between some domestic bigwigs with strong powers/forces near and far which eventually overthrew the said institution.

Let’s go deeper into the scheme of things that may have taken its course in the sidelining of the institution.

There is no denying the fact that during 2005, precisely speaking after King Gyanendra took over the charge of the nation, the King’s visibly high ambitions and his high sounding and flying necessary or even unnecessary trips made abroad, mainly to Africa, and in addition to those of his selection of the men in his council of ministers, all put together, had not only irked the majority of the population but also made the later to feel that the King who usurped power did so just for fulfilling his personal ambitions and was playing foul with their sentiments and thus King Gyanendra was tentatively taken as a person with ulterior motives.

However, when Mr. Nepal authentically says that he remained primary responsible for the demolition of the institution should then mean that Mr. Nepal was hand in glove with the Indian congress government then led by Dr. MM Singh which in turn enjoyed then the blessings of the United States administration. In addition to those heavy weights, the Indian government was compelled to take such actions because the ultra communists who had been a part of the Indian government then were very close to the then India residing Nepal Maoists and the Indian Communists, like for example, Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat, to cite to what Prakash Koirala has said in his fresh interview with some Nepali online portals, it is highly presumed that all that Mr. Nepal did was to strengthen their hands in the sidelining of the monarchy. This much could be drawn from his exclusive expressions.

This should also mean by extension that Mr. Nepal perhaps floated the idea of having the 12 point agreement so that the Nepal Maoists could enter Nepal through what is being now known as peace process.

This by further extension means that Mr. Nepal was having intimate relations with the Delhi sheltered Maoists and thus he may have suggested the Anti-King Indian government to make the best use of the former rebels for the collapse of the Nepali monarchy and the monarchy thus collapsed.

To recall, Mr. Nepal used to make several trips to India in order to meet them and perhaps such visits to India were being made to convince the Maoists that the King, the villain of Nepal in his eyes, must be overthrown through the latter’s Himalayan force and that is what had happened eventually.

Mind it that Mr. Nepal may have done so when he was denied the Nepal PM Post even after he, read Mr. Nepal, filed an application begging the PM Post. Late GP Koirala then took over the charge of the mission to which he was instructed. (RIP).

Perhaps it was this humiliation that was awarded to him by the King may have brought Madhav Nepal closer to the Maoists and the Indian government.

And hopefully for this substantial support Mr. Nepal’s daughter received Indian grant scholarship for MBBS degree. And now it is MD perhaps from the same link.

Perhaps this speaks so many things unspoken.  But it was not a bad bargain.

Yet we have all the honor and respect for Mr. Nepal because he is our august leader and the people have high hopes from him. We count on you Mr. Nepal.

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  1. Nepal was once known as the ‘zone of peace’ during democracy regime in nepal under the monarchy.
    Later maiost started shattered the name and fame of nepal with the help of guns and foreign brokers who not only killed innocent people but also swalled one and only Hindu kingdom in the world.
    Now after the second phase of election there is certainly going to be domestic war for religion,caste and race under the foreign fund through nepali brokers so called politicians!!because nepal is in the process of drafting constitution.
    The drafting of constitution is taking long time and will still take ages because the main ideology of the Nepalese people is still unknown. Many Nepalese people are calling king back to
    power, Maoist wants direct president rule, congress wants powerful prime minister’s rule. Common people are divided in the name of caste and race,religious war has already started.
    As a whole it is impossible to draft a new constitution consisting demands of every Nepalese……if this continues nepal will be divided by India and China because we Nepalese are being fooled by politicians and foreign agents!!!we need someone who protected nepal and its history since decade!!! monarchy at last….