How Groups are Formed in FIFA World Cup Finals (2018)

By hsaniba — This is the huge flaw in FIFA rule of group making, which blocks lower ranking teams reach even to quarter finals. These teams are thrown away earlier in the group stage by the stronger teams in their group.

Add any Background on a Green Screen Video – Adobe Premiere

By hsaniba

Full Screen On LOL Client Server (SOLVED)

By hsaniba — I've used the Garera client server for low ping but this method works on any client server. Thanks for watching!

7th PENTAKILL with Yasuo!!! Toothbrush

Computer Processors: What’s Coming Up?

We already live in a world of sensors, counters, and taggers. Modern factors, hospitals, automobiles and airplanes, most homes, and businesses have dozens of...

How to Make Win_10 Faster

By hsaniba — If you’re using Windows 10’s Power saver plan, you’re slowing down your PC. That plan reduces your PC’s performance in order to save energy. Changing your power plan from Power saver to High performance or Balanced will give you an instant performance boost. To do it, go to Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound > Power Options. You’ll see two options: Balanced (recommended) and Power saver. (Depending on your make and model, you might see other plans as well, including some branded by the manufacturer.) To see the High performance setting, click the down arrow by Show additional plans. To change your power setting, simply choose the one you want, then exit Control Panel. High performance gives you the most oomph, but uses the most power; Balanced finds a median between power use and better performance; and Power saver does everything it can to give you as much battery life as possible. Desktop users have no reason to choose Power saver, and even laptop users should consider the Balanced option when unplugged and High performance when connected to a power source.

AI: सिङ्गो मानव जातिको गरीमा (Dignity) धरापमा !

दीपक गजुरेल सहप्राध्यापक, त्रिभूवन विश्वविद्यालय प्रजातन्त्र, कानूनको शासन, नागरिक सुरक्षा, अधिकार, प्रतिष्ठा, जीवन, हरेक पक्ष ... सिङ्गो मानव जातिको गरीमा (Dignity) धरापमा ! सत्ता, पैसा, राजनीति, अनि अपराधमा प्रविधिको भयङ्कर...

Converting Mobile to Webcam!

By Nepal Polity Desk Do you have a Windows laptop or a computer that you use for making Skype calls, but you don't have a...

Artificial Intelligence: Democracy, Freedom and Conscience are in Danger!

By Deepak Gajurel – Your conventional wisdom is manipulated by precisely crafted information pool. Your conscience of reaching a logical conclusion is distorted through forged data bombardments. And, your freedom is hijacked, through purposefully designed use of artificial intelligence.

How to Disable Automatic Update in Internet Download Manager (IDM)?

How to Disable Automatic Update in Internet Download Manager (IDM)?

How to convert JPG photo to PNG? Easy steps in Photoshop

How to convert JPG photo to PNG? Easy steps in Photoshop. Follow these easy steps:

Add any Background on a Green Screen: Premiere Pro

Add any Background on a Green Screen: Premiere Pro