By Professor Pradeep Paudyal

Prof. Pradeep Paudyal

Nepal desperately needs to give special focus on agricultural development. Immediate steps should be taken in planning, strategy building, programming, and vigorously implementing them. And, this should be done with top priority, at war footing.

Professor Pradeep Paudyal is the Principal of Acme Engineering College, Kathmandu.

Talking with Editor-in-Chief of and Nepal Polity Youtube channel, Political Scientist Deepak Gajurel, Professor Paudyal urged the government of Nepal, intelligentsia, and all other concerned for focusing on the development of agricultural sector.

‘For a sustained, long-lasting and concrete agricultural development, we need to increase production, motivate human resources into agriculture sector,’ Paudyal said, adding, ‘Engineers can be the key agents in the case of Nepal.

Professor Paudyal’s prescriptions are summarized here:

  • We must give top priority to agriculture.
  • Agriculture sector should be mobilized in such a way that tens of thousands of Nepali youths could be motivated to engage in agriculture.
  • Nepal does have a huge pool of human resources, including agricultural engineers.
  • A well planned agricultural development needs various specialists of engineering, e.g., agricultural engineers, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, civil engineers, and others.
  • Information technology can be a vital tool to be used in agricultural development.
  • IT tools like Geographical Information System can also be a catalyst.
  • We need to work multi-dimensionally.
  • Boosting productions is not sufficient. The products needs to be properly linked to market.
  • Thus, we need to have an effective plan for increased production, processing, marketing.
  • If we act now, we can provide employment to a huge number people, remarkably reduce imports of agricultural products, make our farmers rich. and ‘Nepal Polity’ Youtube channel are the forum for the analysis of Nepal’s domestic affairs, Geopolitics, Policy Research, Himalayan Asia affairs and International Relations.

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